Life Purpose Week | Day 1: Listen for Your Intuition

Exploring your life purpose to get clear on your career passion or direction requires a lot of introspection, which cannot be done without accessing your intuition.   Watch this video on the importance of intuition in your search for your life purpose. 

Create an optimal environment for intuition

Every time you explore the topic of life purpose, or to be frank, whenever you want to tap into your instinct, find a time and quiet place where you will not be disturbed to create an atmosphere for relaxation.  If your mind has too much chatter, how can you hear the whisper of your inner wisdom?  So light a candle, close your eyes, turn off your phone and computer, take a few deep breaths, meditate for 5 minutes...anything you can do to stay grounded so you can access your intuition more easily.  

Accessing your intuition takes practice

Quieting down your mind can take a long time to practice for some people (I've been there!).  Distinguishing your intuition from habitual, self-limiting beliefs, takes practice, and well, intuition, too!  So don't give up too easily if you just can't stop being distracted.  Here is an article on how to use questions to access your intuition and another one on intuitive development.  Both articles touch on how journaling can facilitate this process, which adds to the power of journaling that I wrote a blog post about.

Get "in-action"

We always tend to give ourselves so many "actions" in our lives. Like a hamster in a wheel, we rarely give ourselves a chance to stop, reflect and seek guidance from our inner sage.  
Today, give yourself a chance to just "be".  

Practice listening to yourself first and see what you find out? Tomorrow I'll share more tools to help you move along the process of searching for your life purpose.


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