What is coaching?

Coaching is a profession where the coach partners with the client to design and implement meaningful changes in their personal and professional lives.

With one-on-one coaching, you can: 

- Define clear goals and roadmaps to achieving a life of choice, purpose and self-expression
- Develop the confidence, courage, motivation and resourcefulness to create and pursue opportunities for yourself
- Make choices based on what you want and what's right, not what others want, or what is easy.


The format

  1. Start by scheduling a free intro session to see if we’re a good fit. Good topics could include: an area of life that you want some shift on, a decision you have difficulty making.
  2. If you decide to become a regular client, we will form an on-going coaching relationship which involves meeting 2-4 times a month over an agreed upon period. This can happen in person, over the phone, or by Skype.   

What do we talk about in coaching?

  • Our first regular session will focus on understanding you at a deeper level by exploring the following topics: your satisfaction level in various areas of your life, your core values, life purpose, the goals you aim to achieve from coaching, etc. 
  • You will decide the agenda items for subsequent sessions (with my guidance if needed). We can cover a diverse range of topics such as:
    • Career planning and execution – We can explore your passions, identify your core strengths and career options, create a personal branding and job search plan. 
    • Negative emotions – We can explore the potential triggers, e.g. you not honouring your core values, a self-sabotaging voice acting up, etc. and then discuss how we can address those emotions in the future.
    • Positive emotions or accomplishments – We can celebrate and discuss how we can replicate positive behaviours more.
    • A tough decision you want to make – We can discuss your perspectives on the topic, discuss what’s important to you, and sometimes brainstorm options you can explore further.


I charge by the hour.  To help more people experience the power of coaching and to ensure that my clients and I are a good fit, I do offer initial complimentary sessions. 

Please email me at iris@iriscai.com or book a quick chat to discuss details.