Why hire a coach?

Achieve performance at a level that may not have been possible if left to your own endeavours.

  • Discover what's important to you and develop a customized plan for change 
  • Stay focused, accountable and keep your procrastination at bay
  • Stay motivated when you are discouraged 

Examples of additional benefits based on area of focus:

Life coaching:

  • Become more confident
  • Control your stress
  • Access your untapped creativity and resourcefulness
  • Communicate more effectively and build more meaningful relationships

Career coaching:

  • Understand your career goals and unique selling propositions
  • Create career options and paths aligned with your passion
  • Build your personal brand and a customized job search plan
  • Get yourself ready mentally and intellectually for your big moment (e.g. networking, interviews)

Executive/Leadership coaching:

  • Learn how you are perceived and your "blind spots" for improvement
  • Make better decisions more easily and quickly
  • Hone crucial leadership skills such as communication, delegation, conflict resolution, etc.

Common myths about coaching

  • Coaching is like therapy – Both coaches and therapists help clients create change in their lives. However, compared to therapy, coaching conversations are more forward-looking, and goal and task-oriented. Coaches see their clients as experts of their own lives while therapists adopt more of a “healer” and expert role in the relationship. 
  • Coaching is like mentoring – Mentors are generally experts in the field you want to develop in while coaches are guides on the sideline who are trained to ask open-ended questions and help you find answers yourself. 
  • Coaches will tell me what to do – Some coaches including myself do have expertise in areas you need advice in and can give advice or brainstorm options with you. However, a coach’s primary role would be to guide you in your self-discovery and help you develop the abilities to make decisions and find solutions that work best for you.
  • Coaching is for executives or managers only – Although coaches have often been hired to support high potential employees to become more effective leaders, everyone would benefit from a coach if their goal is to make progress in their lives more effectively or to “unstuck” themselves from a certain pattern of behaviour or mindset.