Iris Cai, Professional Coach   Photo credit:    Mike Wu Photography

Iris Cai, Professional Coach

Photo credit: Mike Wu Photography

Helping young professionals, including immigrants and entrepreneurs, make meaningful transitions in their personal and professional lives is my passion and the focus of my practice. 

Starting my career as an international student wasn’t easy.  In China, English was my strong suit.  The minute I arrived in Canada, that advantage disappeared.  With hard work, courage and help from some great mentors, I accomplished many things I'm proud of working for national brands.  However, I still felt that I hadn’t tapped into my full potential or found a cause that I deeply cared about.

To find what I wanted, I started reinventing my career with the help of professional coaching.  This journey helped me discover what was truly important to me, what was special about me, the courage to try what I thought was impossible, and the tools to stay motivated.  The most important revelation in this journey was that coaching is the profession that I’ve been waiting for all my life.  And I achieved what I never thought was possible by successfully navigating my own career change from a telecom marketer to a career coach for a reputable multinational within four months, not to mention setting my own coaching practice. 

Armed with my former professional experience in human resources and marketing from multiple industries, my exposure and interaction with people with a wide range of backgrounds have allowed me to build strong connections with my clients and relate to what they are going through.  My coaching skills, intuition, understanding of how to achieve peak performance based on knowledge of the human brain has allowed me to help scores of clients achieve lasting transformation and breakthroughs to a more balanced and empowered life and career.  A former marketer experienced with branding products and services, my strong aptitude on branding will help my clients discover the true essence of their humanities, and refine, strengthen and market their personal brands. 

Having spent the first 20 years of my life in Shantou and Shanghai, China, I am now based in Vancouver, Canada and serve clients in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and my native dialect Chiu Chow (Teochew).

We only live once, and our lives should be lived to the fullest.  I believe in you and your potential. Let me work with you to start that journey.  Click here to learn more about how coaching with me works and book a free session.

Coaching certification: A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I received my coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world.  I am also in the process of receiving my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Interests: Outside of coaching, I am an avid reader, traveler and an aspiring cook, photographer and singer. A classical cellist back in high school, I have recently started to jam (awkwardly) with my friends playing pop covers.

Community: Arts, culture, education and mental health for the underprivileged communities are causes dear to my heart. I currently serve on the board of a non-profit called HUM (Healing Using Music) dedicated to using music to bring happiness to people's lives.